Official Statement Jennifer M. Storipan, Esq.

19th Anniversary of 9/11

(Friday, September 11, 2020- Washington, DC) – “Today, America remembers. On September 11th, 2001, nineteen years ago, America faced an unprecedented terrorist attack against our country and the freedoms we stand for. We remember the pain of that unforgettable morning, the countless tears that fell from our eyes, the fear of not knowing if we’d ever see our loved ones again, and, lastly, the feeling of loss. I join our Nation as we recognize those we lost and stand with the families who still mourn.

As we mark this somber anniversary, America also remembers our heroes, first responders, survivors, and veterans. I offer my gratitude to our men and women in uniform that continue to safeguard our freedoms and keep America safe. We must stand together in our continued efforts to heal hatred and overcome fear.

While we lost many things that day, we never lost our hope and strength. Today, America faces significant challenges, but it is incumbent upon us to continue harnessing from that strength that kept our nation united to confront these trying times. As Americans, we have shown the world that when times get tough, we stand together and come back stronger.

The Puerto Rico Federal Administration (PRFAA) holds the victims and survivors’ families dear to our hearts, especially those Puerto Ricans who lost their loved ones on that September morning. As we continue to confront challenges, we will stand on the right side of hope and faith, trusting on our people’s spirit and America’s strength. Today, we remember how much we lost, but also how strong we are as a country.”


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