Official Statement Jennifer M. Storipan, Esq.

(August 21, 2020- Washington, D.C.) – “We are very pleased with the results from this visit and the partnership we have with Rear Admiral Brown and federal officials. This visit to the island’s biomedical production facilities allowed stakeholders the opportunity to experience firsthand Puerto Rico’s pharmaceutical and medical device manufacture industry. The island is the largest exporter of medical and pharmaceutical equipment in the United States, distributing over $53 billion in biopharmaceuticals within the past year. Our goal is to provide the United States a steady supply chain in an effort to reduce our Nation’s dependence on a foreign supply chain. 

When the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic first impacted the United States, our Nation confronted and experienced the extent of our dependency and the reality of the consequences of relying on a foreign chain supply. We saw a shortage of materials and equipment necessary to battle the worst pandemic of modern times. Puerto Rico can help reduce our Nation’s dependence on foreign chain supply with an industry that has proven resilient and cost-efficient, as labor costs are 20-to-30 percent lower than those on the mainland. We believe that the island is well positioned to become a Caribbean hub in the medical and pharmaceutical device manufacturing industry to ensure our Nation is protected from future pandemics and epidemics.  

We are optimistic that our efforts to showcase the island’s pharmaceutical and medical device industry will yield positive results and facilitate new ways to stimulate and strengthen Puerto Rico’s industrial sector.” 


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