Home > Press Releases > Statement by Governor Ricardo Rosselló on passage of H.R. 2157, the Supplemental Appropriations Act, as amended:

San Juan, Puerto Rico – “The disaster supplemental compromise that was approved in the U.S. Senate contains key priorities for Puerto Rico’s continued recovery, including 600 million dollars in Emergency Nutritional Assistance Funding that will provide much needed aid to over one million Puerto Ricans still recovering from the devastating Hurricane María.

“The bill also includes a provision requiring the administration to finally make available to Puerto Rico the 8.9 billion dollars in CDBG-DR funding that have been withheld.  This is critical for our reconstruction.

“Additionally, the bill provides 300 million dollars in HUD funding to help those affected by the disaster and may be used for cost-share purposes. Moreover, appropriators included provisions that will ensure damaged facilities in Puerto Rico will be repaired or replaced so that they meet current standards and are more resilient to future disasters.

“Even though Puerto Rico was repeatedly told that we would not receive one more dollar in disaster relief, this legislation shows that many in Washington, D.C. understand that our recovery is not complete.

“We thank both House and Senate Democrats, particularly Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, as well as Senators Patrick Leahy and Nita Lowey, for holding firm and continuing to support Puerto Rico throughout our recovery and reconstruction.

“We urge the House to take swift action to approve this piece of legislation that is of vital importance to over 3.2 million Americans in Puerto Rico and countless more nationwide.”