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Hon. Luis G. Rivera Marín, Secretary of State of Puerto Rico

Hon. Luis G. Rivera Marín, Secretary of State of Puerto Rico

(March 30, 2017-Orlando, Florida) Puerto Rico Secretary of State Luis Rivera-Marin and the Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA)hosted a critical issue advisory discussion in Orlando area to build awareness of the urgent health care crisis developing around the issue known as the Medicaid Cliff.  The meeting was the first in a series of similar meetings that Puerto Rican officials plan around the country, in particular those states and congressional districts with large Puerto Rican populations

Rivera was joined by State Representative Rene Plasencia (R-Orlando) and several civic leaders from the Puerto Rican faith and business communities.

“We are here to alert you, the Orlando-area Puerto Rican community and all Florida taxpayers, about this important issue and the impact it will have on you, your neighbors, and perhaps your family members still living on the island “, said Secretary of State Rivera.  “If not addressed soon, it will contribute to increasing the already high migration from Puerto Rico and cause severe strain on the Florida and federal budgets”.

The Medicaid Cliff results from Puerto Rico’s inequitable treatment under the ACA where funding was arbitrarily capped, setting-up a policy time bomb when, according to HHS, more than 470,000 Puerto Ricans could lose their health care coverage.  Migration of tens of thousands of US citizens from Puerto Rico to Florida and other mainland states, seeking continuing health care coverage, will be the inevitable consequence.

“We urge all Floridians to become aware of this matter and its impact on your family, community and your state and to write your representatives in Congress, and request their urgent attention to this critical issue now”, said Secretary of State Rivera.



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