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March 20, 2019 – San Juan – Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló announced he will sign an executive order banning so-called conversion therapy for minors on the island after the U.S. territory’s House of Representatives decided not to take Senate Bill 1000 to a vote, which would have made these therapies illegal.

“As a father, as a scientist, and as the Governor for everyone in Puerto Rico, I firmly believe that the idea that there are people in our society who need treatment because of their gender identity or whom they love is not only absurd, it is harmful to so many children and young adults who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect,” said Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

“I strive for Puerto Rico to be a society in which everyone, regardless of whom they love, can be accepted and live without fear of persecution. This includes society’s most vulnerable, our children, who should be supported and loved. Conversion therapy in no way benefits anybody, it only causes unimaginable pain and suffering.”

Almost 50 years ago, the American Psychiatric Association declared that homosexuality is not a mental illness and therefore does not need to be “cured” or “treated” in any way.

The Executive Order will be signed in the coming days.