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Governor Ricardo Rosselló

(October 18, 2018 – Los Angeles, California) Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló participated as a guest speaker at the XPrize Foundation Visioneering Conference in Los Angeles and presented the island as a case study that offers solutions to many of the challenges the world faces due to the impending effects of climate change.

Rosselló, the only scientist who is also a U.S. governor, valued the importance of science in caring for and preserving our planet.

“Our Government is committed to battling climate change so that we are better prepared for what the future holds. This is why we have set the goal of achieving 100 percent renewable energy by 2050, with the more imminent goal of reaching 40% by 2025”, said Governor Rosselló.

The XPrize Foundation fosters high profile competitions to motivate individuals, companies and organizations from various disciplines to develop innovative ideas and technologies that help solve some of the great challenges that limit the progress of humanity.

At the Forum, Governor Rosselló said “we will ensure that our society is prepared to respond to these challenges, either through a K-12 curriculum that emphasizes mitigation, resilience and response; or through our workforce.”

During his presentation, Rosselló Nevares commented on key policy decisions enacted both before and after Hurricanes Irma and María ravaged the island to better prepare Puerto Rico to better withstand climate change.

Given the damages caused by the recent hurricanes, Rosselló informed the audience that a major reforestation process will begin shortly to fight erosion throughout the Island.

Governor Ricardo Rosselló also discussed how the island is preparing for storms and other natural disasters, including those caused or exacerbated by changes in the climate.

World leaders – mostly from the United States – participate and sponsor this global science competition.

Since 1994, XPrize has designed and launched 16 awards in areas related to space, oceans, learning, health, energy, environment, transportation, security and robotics.