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(January 12, 2017 – San Juan, Puerto Rico) Governor Ricardo A. Rosselló, sworn in January 2nd, has vowed to use all tools at his disposal to swiftly begin a thorough process of Government reform to place Puerto Rico’s finances in order. Just hours after being swrn into his post, Gov. Rosselló signed six executive orders be ginning the path towards a true government reform.

Hon. Ricardo Rosselló

Hon. Ricardo Rosselló

“Over the next 100 days we will put in place specific plans aimed at regaining the confidence of the financial markets and the federal government,” he said in his first statement as governor.

Moving forward, Gov. Rosselló’s Government will engage in a complete overhaul of a government apparatus that is currently both deficient and ineffective. Simultaneously, his administration is going to implement real and strong free market reforms that open Puerto Rico’s economy and will lead to robust growth and job creation, cornerstones of a stable and solvent government.

In a written statement issued from San Juan, Governor Rosselló declared:

¨We have started the process of jumpstarting our economy by swiftly initiating legislation and issuing Executive Orders to address the situation. Puerto Rico is once again open for business.

¨Our first five Executive Orders reduce political appointees by 20%, and our agencies’ budgets by 10%. We have also ordered all Government instrumentalities to implement a Zero-Base Budgeting Methodology to ensure we don’t spend more than we collect.

¨These are merely our first steps towards transforming our Government into a productive, selfsustainable entity that can help the private sector generate more and better paying jobs for the people of Puerto Rico. ¨