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(March 3, 2017 – Washington, D.C.) Governor Ricardo Rosselló wrote a letter to Members of Congress on the 100 th Anniversary of the concession of U.S. citizenship to the people of Puerto Rico. In the letter, the Governor highlighted the countless contributions the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico have made to the Nation.

On March 02, 1917, the U.S. Congress made the people of Puerto Rico American citizens through the Jones-Shafroth Act.

“We are subject to federal laws but don’t have voting representation in the U.S. House or any representation in the U.S. Senate. Our sons and daughters in uniform can be sent to war by the President of the United States, yet even when we serve honorably we cannot vote for our Commander-in-Chief.” The Governor wrote.

He concluded “As proud U.S. citizens for over a century Puerto Ricans have enriched the fabric of American society, now we ask for your leadership to help us finally and definitively transition to a fully democratic system of government whether that be statehood or separate nationhood.”


Letter from Governor of Puerto Rico on 100th Anniversary of U.S. Citizenship