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Puerto Rico Department of Public Safety confirms 6 Hurricane Maria-related deaths

The Secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Public Safety, Héctor M. Pesquera, confirmed today six fatalities related to Hurricane Maria.

The six casualties occurred in three municipalities. In Utuado three people died in landslides. In Toa Baja, two people died as a result of the flooding. And in Bayamón, one person died after being struck by a panel.

“At the moment these are fatalities we know of. We know of other potential fatalities through unofficial channels that we haven’t been able to confirm,” said Pesquera, who added that any reports originating from other sources cannot be taken as reliable until authorities are able to confirm them.

“We are working hard. As soon as we receive updates on other reports, we will provide an update. Nevertheless, one of our functions is to responsibly share information that’s been confirmed by public safety officials,” added Pesquera.

Secretary Pesquera reiterated that every public safety official is working intensely to provide aid to those affected by Hurricane Maria.